About the Canadian Songwriter Challenge

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Thanks to a partnership with Bell Media, between 2015 and 2021, Canada’s music industry associations (MIAs) will organize annual songwriting retreats, matching up emerging and independent artists with established industry professionals.

During each retreat (spanning anywhere from 2 to 5 days), artists receive mentoring in songwriting and co-writing, and have the opportunity to demo newly co-written works. Participants also have the opportunity to attend workshops on the business of songwriting, including demoing in a professional studio environment, live performance, publishing, marketing, and a variety of intellectual property topics from live performance to sync rights.

Check out each of the MIA Challenge pages for demos, videos, photos and more info!

2016 Highlights:
52 established songwriters and business experts provided hands on intensive mentorship to 108 participants. In addition to the songwriting mentorship, participants learned about co-writing tips, demo best practices, and production. In the end, 89 new songs were written (81 of those songs were co-writes) and 85 demos were produced.

Our experts also lead professional development seminars on the business of songwriting, including: intellectual property and royalties, split sheets, funding overview, grantwriting, social media best practices, branding, song registration, publishing, talent acquisition, management, and music supervision.

Looking to participate in a future Canadian Songwriter Challenge? Contact your local MIA to find out when the next retreat is happening and how to apply.

Funding for the Canadian Songwriter Challenge is provided by Bell Media.

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