The British Columbia Songwriter Challenge


The fifth annual Vancouver Songwriting Workshop & Canadian Songwriter Challenge took place from April 25 to

28th, 2019. This three-day event included a kickoff gathering (on the evening of the 25th), song critiquing and

lecture on song structure, co-writing, mentoring, professional development activities, demoing in a professional

studio environment, and live performances. 27 registered songwriters took part in the workshop, including two

who received scholarships (on from Full Circle First Nations Performance, another from a private scholarship

provider). The mentors were well-known, professional songwriters/producers, and support staff included

production manager, production assistant, professional engineers and assistant engineers. The event took place in

various locations in Vancouver: primarily at Nimbus School of Recording & Media (both the main campus and

satellite campus, the historic home of Little Mountain Sound Studios).

The workshop took approximately two months to plan and execute. The Vancouver-based event was presented by

Bell Media , and sponsored by CCMIA , Music BC, Nimbus School of Recording & Media and SOCAN .


Participants (2019)


  • John Bowman
  • Donald Delano
  • Kara Flanagan
  • Shelley Stevens
  • Giovanna Lin
  • Hanna Harpur
  • Ricky de Souza
  • Clayton Brown
  • Dania Assaly
  • Hugh McNeney
  • Henrique Correa de Amorim
  • David Acuna
  • Nina Lu
  • Nicole Thompson
  • Jillian Maguire
  • Andre Chrys
  • Connor Nelson
  • Sandy Powlik
  • Ian House
  • Peter Jaskiewicz
  • Anthony Hutchcroft
  • Kristina Shelden
  • Taryn Laronge
  • Mac Ramsy
  • Cohen Sieg
  • Bukola Balogun
  • Akemi Nakanishi



Carly McKillip
Elisa Pangsaeng
Dave Genn

Songs Recorded at Challenge (2019)

Gallery (2019)