The Newfoundland & Labrador Songwriter Challenge


We created a songwriting retreat with both national & international experts, local professionals, and local songwriters, producers and artists to offer a space and a climate to collaborate and write new material. The songwriting participants will be paired off into groups of 4-5 in each session; they collaborated for the songwriting and then to record the product all in one day. On the 3 rd and final day, the event was moved to the JAG Hotel Exile Pub to showcase all songs written to participants and the public. Also included in this event was an educational component. The educational offering consisted of a info session with questions and answers with the international expert participating via Skype, who had many years of experience and knowledge to share.

Participants (2017)


  • Andrew Rodgers
  • Bailey Jordan-Neil
  • Jonathon Reid
  • Mike Maddox
  • Carolann Fowler
  • Daniel Adams
  • Derek Graham
  • Karla Pilgrim
  • Marquita Walsh
  • Mike Kirby
  • Jordan Coaker
  • Kirsten Rodden-Clarke
  • Rachel Cousins
  • Stephen Green
  • Virginia Fudge
  • Andrew Boyd
  • Ben Thistle


  • Rob Wells
  • Shobha
  • Chris LeDrew
  • Mallory Johnson

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Gallery (2017)

Recorded Songs from Challenge (2017)