The New Brunswick Songwriter Challenge

New Brunswick artists Jane Blanchard (Fredericton), Ryan Hillier (Moncton), Lydia Mainville (Darling’s Island) and Owen Steel (St. Andrews) collaborated under the mentorship guidance of Nova Scotia’s Chris Luedecke (Old Man Luedecke) to create songs and share ideas on the craft of song writing and co-writing.

Music•Musique NB Executive Director Jean Surette offered an interactive music
industry info session regarding current online revenue streams and an overview of the organizations that collect royalties and represent the rights holders.

Lobby performances by 3 of the participating artists were programmed as part of the Paddlefest NB at the Algonquin Hotel. These were official festival performances for Paddlefest NB, a music and outdoor recreation festival with a community-minded approach.

All 5 artists participated in a songwriters’ circle in the Van Horne Ballroom of the Algonquin Resort (St. Andrews) on Sunday, May 21th 2017. The concert was part of the programming of Paddlefest NB

Participants (2017)


  • Lydia Mainville
  • Owen Steel
  • Jane Blanchard
  • Ryan Hillier


  • Chris Luedecke

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Gallery (2017)

Songs Recorded at Challenge (2017)