What’s an MIA?

Canada’s music industry associations (MIAs) are membership-based, not-for-profit organizations that provide important services for musicians and other industry professionals within their provinces or territories. Services provided by MIAs include education, advocacy, professional development, funding, showcasing opportunities, networking events, and access to essential information resources.

MIAs also act as regional affiliates of the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), helping connect musicians across the country to this important source of funding.

MIAs have become an increasingly critical component of Canada’s music industries as technological advancements have dramatically transformed the production, distribution and consumption of music, reducing the scope of services traditionally offered by major record labels, while also facilitating the production of music from almost any location.

Today, MIAs are often the first point of contact for emerging musicians and other industry professionals who are seeking to make a career in music. MIAs connect their member musicians with knowledge and services that might otherwise only be found in Toronto and Montreal. In doing so, MIAs are also leading the development of strong Canadian regional music industries, which are delivering economic and cultural benefits far beyond their local music scenes.