The Prince Edward Island Songwriter Challenge 2019


Music PEI presented the Canadian Songwriter Challenge in May of 2019 as part of the Canadian Song Conference.

Music PEI takes a slightly different approach to the Songwriter Challenge by inviting artists from across Canada (through collaborations with the other provincial music industry associations MIA’s) and pairing them with PEI artists. In 2019, artists came from Music BC, Alberta Music, Sask Music, Manitoba Music, Music & Film In Motion (Northern Ontario), Music Ontario, Music New Brunswick, Music Nova Scotia and Music Newfoundland to collaborate with PEI artists.

Participants (2019)

  • Rachel Beck (PEI)
  • Logan Richard (PEI)
  • Teresa Doyle (PEI)
  • Greyson Gritt (N Ont)
  • Tessa Gooden (Ont)
  • Sierra Noble (MB)
  • Mike Harmel (SK)
  • Nuela Charles (AB)
  • Madison Olds (BC)
  • Chris Ryan (NL)
  • Brittany McQuinn (NB)
  • Dave Sampson (NS)

Recorded Songs from the Challenge (2019)

The following Soundcloud link is one complete track of all eight co-writes from the Challenge.

Gallery (2019)