Music Programs

The CCMIA administers music programs that deliver important resources to MIAs and their members. The following are two recent programs administered by the CCMIA.

Canadian Songwriter Challenge

Launched Spring 2015, the CCMIA is currently running the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, an annual series of MIA-coordinated songwriting retreats for artists across the country.

During these retreats, established songwriters and musicians provide intensive hands-on mentorship to promising artists, concluding with the production of demos of the newly-composed songs.

The Challenge is funded by Bell Media. It represents a seven-year partnership between our MIAs, the CCMIA, and Bell Media. This initiative arose out of Bell Media’s purchase of Astral Media as approved by the CRTC as a “Canadian Content Development (CCD)” initiative.

Visit out our Songwriter Challenge page and then check out the MIA challenge pages for demos, videos, and more.


One of the CCMIA’s biggest music projects was Tourhub, an artist-powered tool for booking and managing tours around Canada. Tourhub’s features included:

  • A comprehensive list of Canadian venues
  • A login/profile manager allowing artists and agents to book multiple tours
  • The ability to upload and access show contracts and other tour details
  • A visual tour map
  • The ability to make a tour public and appear on a national gig calendar

The launch of this project in 2012 was made possible by funding from the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR) and the Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC).

The CCMIA is now looking to partner with another organization to continue building on this great initiative.