The Yukon Songwriter Challenge 2019


The 2019 Canadian Songwriter Challenge took place in Dawson City, Yukon from July 20th to 21st. Juno-award winning songwriters Greyson Gritt, Tiffany Ayalik and Inuksuk Mackay of Quantum Tangle and PIQSIQ were the key workshop facilitators. Quantum Tangle and PIQSIQ draw from their respective Anishinaabe-Métis and Inuit backgrounds to create a fusion of old-world sounds and new-world flair. Their songs combine blues riffs, hard beats, traditional throat singing and haunting melodies with exceptional storytelling that examines systemic racism, colonialism and queer culture.

Participants (2019)


  • Chris Leudecke (Nova Scotia)
  • Tim O’Brien (Nashville)


  • Claire Ness
  • Jeremy Mitrishon
  • Joe Bishop
  • Jon Heaton
  • Meg Henderson
  • Remy Rodden
  • Scott Maynard
  • Lianne Cranfield

Gallery (2019)

Recorded Songs from Challenge (2019)