An Ontario Songwriter Challenge

logo-musicontarioMusicOntario’s second Canadian Songwriter Challenge took place in Toronto on July 26-28 at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga. In addition to being mentored by established songwriters, the six participants participated in an afternoon mentorship session on the business of songwriting — specifically sync licencing for film and television s well as royalties and registration.

The ongoing relationships that were forged between the artists and their mentors will have far reaching impact on the careers of the writers, and MusicOntario looks forward to tracking where these songs and partnerships lead.

Participants (2016)

Mentors and Business Leaders:

  • Bill Bell (songwriter)
  • Rob Wells (songwriter)
  • Shobha (songwriter)
  • Casey Marshall (songwriter)
  • Mikaila Simmons (instinct entertainment)
  • Andreas Rizek (SOCAN)


  • AHI
  • Angela Saini
  • Brittany Brodie
  • JoJo Worthington
  • Jordan Alexander
  • Frazer Mac (The Market Kids)

Gallery (2016)

Playlist of Recorded Songs from Challenge (2016)

Feedback (2016)

“Music Ontario and Metal Works Studios have put together a truly amazing event, I wish it wasn’t over. I met and got to work with amazing people, people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to work with. It was so great to work with songwriters and producers who all brought something totally different into each room. Thank you so much, this last week has been big step in the right direction for my career.”
– Jordan Alexander, songwriter and participant

“It was a privilege to be a producer for MusicOntario’s 2016 Songwriting Challenge. If the remarkable talent I had the honour of working with is any indication of the future talent in songwriting, Canadian music is in great shape!”
– Bill Bell, mentor and songwriter