The Nova Scotia Songwriter Challenge 2019

logo-music-nsThe 2019 Canadian Songwriter Challenge organized by Music Nova Scotia was held in conjunction with the 2019 Gordie Sampson Songcamp from July 7-12, 2019.

The 10th Anniversary of The Gordie Sampson Songcamp took place in Ingonish Cape Breton from July 7 until 12.   A hugely successful conclusion to 10 years of nurturing young Nova Scotia writers, the event included 37 songwriter-producers, 7 recording studios and 10 world class writer/producer guests. Eighty songs were completed during Songcamp this year, over half of which were recorded. This brings Songcamp’s total song count to over 500 songs. Many of our Songcampers have already committed to recording some of these songs for release and several guests have taken songs home to their publishers to be pitched to other artists. But, without doubt, the most valuable element of Songcamp this year was the talent and connections that our NS writers made with prominent and successful guests – connections they will be able to draw upon in the future.

Participants (2019)

Guest Writers, Producers (Mentors)

  • Kelly Archer
  • Tawgs Salter
  • Simon Wilcox
  • Andrew Austin
  • Scott Helman
  • Ria Mae
  • Thomas Daniel
  • Joel Stouffer
  • Tia Scola
  • Robin Dell’unto




  • Carleton Stone
  • Mo Kenney
  • Corey Lerue
  • Jodi Guthro
  • Chris James
  • Reeny Smith
  • Eric Stephen Martin
  • Elijah Wohlmuth
  • Mitchell Bailey
  • Dylan Guthro
  • Dave Sampson
  • Kyle Mischiek
  • Maura Whitman
  • Rankin McInnes
  • Dana Beeler
  • Zamani Millar
  • MAJE
  • Steven MacDougall
  • Breagh MacKinnon
  • Kayleigh O’Connor
  • Nicole Curry
  • Makayla Lynn
  • Seamus Erskine
  • Brandon Davis
  • Quake Matthews
  • Cameron Nickerson

Gallery (2019)

Recorded Songs from Challenge (2019)