The Nova Scotia Songwriter Challenge

logo-music-nsThe 2016 Canadian Songwriter Challenge organized by Music Nova Scotia was held in conjunction with the 2016 Gordie Sampson Songcamp from July 14-19, 2016, at Keltic Lodge, Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton.

In addition to the songwriting components of the the retreat, interactive business sessions were held at the end of the day covering royalty revenue streams and social media, and there were open sessions during which writers could pose questions or prompt discussions about issues most relevant to them.

The business leaders included Sheri Jones (Management/Leader), Wayne O’Connor (Performance Coaching/Show Production), Mickey Quase (Funder/General Industry Info), Ruby Daly (Royalty Streams & Registrations), and Grace Russell (Promotion & Publicity). As well, writers who participated in previous songcamps returned as mentors, making for a well-rounded and in-depth songwriting retreat.

The retreat ended once again with a public concert at Ceilidh Hall on the Keltic Lodge property.

Participants (2016)

Challenge Leaders:

New Writers:

  • Matt Halvorson
  • Kayleigh O’Connor
  • Laurenn Marchand
  • Quake Matthews
  • Jordan Musycsyn

2nd Year Writers: Jahmal Wellington, Eric Stephen Martin, Jodi Guthro

Alumni Writers: Nicole Curry, Kyle Mischiek, Dave Sampson, Natalie Lynn

Guest Writers: Emma Lee

Gallery (2016)

Recorded Songs from Challenge (2105)