The Alberta Songwriter Challenge

The Fifth Annual Songwriting Camp for professional songwriters in Alberta took place over three days. In 2019, nine artists met at the Audio Department, an Edmonton based recording studio. Artists were treated to a Keynote from Mike Plume, and then organized into groups of three to collaborate and create two demo-ready songs each. Groups wrote and recorded in one day and switched groups the following day.
The camp provided an opportunity for the artists to focus on songwriting in a supportive and creative space, as well as network and establish future collaborative partnerships. Artists were joined by songwriting mentors Nuela Charles and Mike Plume, who provided guidance and insight throughout the camp, encouraging arstists to push the limits of their songwriting.

Participants (2019)

Danielle Dayton,
Mark Times,
Rebecca Lappa,
The Orchard,


Mentors:  Mike Plume, Nuela Charles

Gallery (2019)

Recorded Songs from Challenge (2019)